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Friday, February 12, 2016

CATALAN view:- elperiodico

Item #1 


  • Some 18%  from all  collegiate members in Barcelona, arrived int he last 10 years are not nationals (5.777  active professionals) with a  MIR credential.
  • Allegdly, there are few Catalan specialists searching for a job abroad (in numbers, during 2015 only  262) 
  • That is,  184 were from the rest of EU or SouthAmerica who with the lower opportunities here, decided to go back to their lands)

TASK. Watch the graph below and   
Find 5 interesting items to delve comments on

    ____  Interludi with PROVERBS ___   

When society laws make personal choices go on the wrong direction to the public interest, someone has to address the mistake!...

So, minister.... we are: 
  • firing into the wrong flock / 
  • shooting one's own grandmother
Measure your guilt, then stretch your legs. pulling your leg ....three times 
They must be strong legs that can support prosperous days. 
He that has good legs, has often bad boots.
If his legs fail her, he fights on her knees.

We feel so sorry, Anna,.... that must have a stop! Lawlessness!  

Item # 2  

Anna Parra - 11 /02/2016 -
"Vivía de hacer guardias de UCI a una media de siete euros la hora"-
"Vivía de hacer guardias de UCI a una media de siete euros la hora"

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