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Thursday, February 18, 2016


SEOUL project. City life

Ongoing activity this January
Develop your 4 skills integrating then in a shared environment

 item #1 

 Make groups of three to visit    SEOUL   

20 TV  22-minute Episodes -AUDIO


 item #2 

Proposed templates to use as a model:
                  1) with Smore  
                 (edit it with this password: projectseoul)
       2) with self-edition 
      (edit it with this password: projectseoul) 
       3) with  WIX 
      (edit it with this password: projectseoul)  

              4) with 
     (edit it with this password:   2016SEOUL) 

Students Product: -END PRODUCT

 item #3 

As every TEAM finishes their first 5 entries,

A- Beyond the window  __ (Ernest + Gerard  O+ Maria)

E) on WIX_ GAALL where Bages meets ProjectSeoul

  (Anna, Àngles, Lluïsa, Gemma)

 F- Seoul project -OUR WORLD__ (Miquel + Sara E + Elena)

J - projectseoulequip7  (Silvia + Gerard + Marta Ma  + Aitor)

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