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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

See you at TESTING yourself -Use some webpages Level C1

Why not TEST Myself?
webpages Level C1


           READING   TEST_____ (28 items) .. .... passmark 19 items
LISTENING TEST ___  (21 items) ....... passmark 14 items

Image result for monkey at computerTASK_01. At Easter, have a look at the GenCat webpage (above).
Get ready to do the test properly. 
my HINT:
ANSWER both tests the same day! I mean, what is needed to self-assess yourself correctly:
time (50 min for the Reading test, 45 for the listening one) and
place (quiet, well-lit, relaxing)

First day after Easter, bring a copy of the corrected answer sheet. 
Write your name on it and state your score: that is

READING TEST_____ (5/10 + 4/7 + 9/11 = 16/28)

LISTENING TEST ___ (5/9 + 4/5 + 5/7 = 14/21)


a) READING TEST___________ Asturies ___C1 (20 items)

b) READING TEST___________ Navarra ___C1 (15 items)

c) READING TEST___________ Illes Balears ___C1 (15 items)

+ Use of English! : __C1 (45 items)

d) READING TEST___________ Euskadi ___C1 (14 items -50 min)

    + Use of English! : __C1 (16 items)

LISTENING TEST ..... up to you! Download the relevant Listening test pages....

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