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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RODARI- Capucceto giallo - Little yellow riding hood

Classics in class!

Our famous Globetrotter....,  sorry  Italian Globetrotter, 

A sbagliare le storie di Gianni Rodari 

Tratto da "Favole al telefono", Einaudi, Torino 1962

C'era una volta una bambina che si chiamava Cappuccetto giallo racconta il nonno alla sua nipotina.
Ma la bimba fa notare che Cappuccetto è ros....

TASK1.  SHADOWING READING. Mark both, the prominent syllables and the pauses in the following story. 

TASK2.  Mark 5 times the girl shows there is no good story teller... learn them!

TASK3. Compare with the printed versions.

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a little girl called Little Yellow Riding Hood.

No! Red Riding Hood!"

Oh yes, of course, Red Riding Hood. Well, one day her mother called and said:
'Little Green Riding Hood-"'


Sorry! Red. 'Now, my child, go to Aunt Mary and take her these potatoes."'

No! It doesn't go like that! 'Go to Grandma and take her these cakes."'

All right. So the little girl went o and in the wood she met a giraffe."

What a mess you're making of it! It was a wolf!"

And the wolf said: 'What's six times eight?"'

No! No! The wolf asked her where she was going."

So he did. And little Black Riding Hood replied-"

Red! Red! Red!!!"

She replied: 'I'm going to the market to buy some tomatoes."'

No, she didn't. She said: 'I'm going to my grandma who is sick, but I've lost my

Of course! And the horse said-"

What horse? It was a wolf."

So it was. And this is what it said: 'Take the 75 bus, get out at the main square,
turn right, and at the first doorway you'll find three steps. Leave the steps where
they are, but pick up the dime lying on them, and buy yourself a packet
of chewing gum."'

Grandpa, you're terribly bad at telling stories. You get them all wrong. But all
the same, I wouldn't mind some chewing gum."

All right. Here's your dime." And the old man turned back to his newspaper.

Little Green Riding Hood by Gianni Rodari
in The Trials and Tribulations of little Red Riding Hood

 Some times the girl shows the grandad as a not so good story teller... 
Try to learn them!

No! It doesn't go like that! '
What a mess you're making of it! It was a wolf!"
No! No! The wolf asked her wh...
No, she didn't. She said: 'I'm going to 
What horse? It was a wolf."
Grandpa, you're terribly bad at telling stories. You get them all wrong. 

TASK3. Compare with the printed versions.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales, Volumes 1-3 
Edited by Donald Haase

Picture book retellings exist for all ages. Bruno Munari published multiple versions of the tale: Cappuccetto verde (Little Green Riding Hood, 1972), Cappuccetto giallo (Little Yellow Riding Hood, 1972), and Cappuccetto bianco {Little White Riding Hood, 1999). Paul Biegel adopts a psychoanalytical approach in his lengthy tale Wie je droomt ben je zelf (You Are Who You Dream About, 1977), illustrated by Carl Hollander. Chico Buarque's Chapeuzinho amarelo {Little Yellow Riding Hood, 1979) is a poetic, playful examination of fear. Both Fam Ekman's R0dhatten og Ulven (Red Hat and the Wolf, 1985) and Makiko Satou's Itazura Akazukin-chan (Mischievous Little Red Riding Hood, 1989) cast a boy in the title role. 
Mina, je t'aime (Mina, I love you, 1991), by Patricia Joiret and Xavier Bruyere, is a cautionary tale for little boys about a girl/wolf. 

Yvan Pommaux's John Chatterton detective (1993) recasts the tale as a whodunit in comics style. Anne Bertier's Mon loup (My Wolf, 1995) is a charming love story illustrated with black silhouettes. Elise Fagerli uses woodcuts to tell the story of a heroine who gobbles up a wolf in Ulvehunger (Wolfhunger, 1995). Christian Bruel and Nicole Claveloux's Petits chaperons loups (Little Riding Hood Wolves, 1997) is a versatile, wordless book that invites multiple readings. 

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