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Friday, March 9, 2018

WR_ My confessions. ... over the death of Prince by Ch. Britcher

The shedding of tears is a sign of a broken heart. 

Therefore, before tears can flow from the eyes, they must first flow from the heart. 

Have a look at our 2 messages:
The picture from the King David (Psalms)

Now, the reflections of our French modern writer,   ... Montagne for us (a.k.a.)           Michel Eychem de  Montaigne, the philosophe of modern life                    

 King of Egypt, being defeated and taken prisoner by Cambyses, King of Persia, seeing his own daughter pass by him as prisoner, and in a wretched habit, with a bucket to draw water, though his friends about him were so concerned as to break out into tears and lamentations, yet he himself remained unmoved, without uttering a word, his eyes fixed upon the ground; and seeing, moreover, his son immediately after led to execution, still maintained the same countenance; ... 
till spying at last one of his domestic and familiar friends dragged away amongst the captives, he fell to tearing his hair and beating his breast, with all the other extravagances of extreme sorrow.   (Michel de Montaigne - Essays -Ch. 2)

The tears are symbolic and unattainable......
             BUT  What do tears mean to you?

From our previous post, .... 
WR_ My confessions.   
... over the death of our Prince by Ch. Britcher

1.    Once in a while,  enters your life and stubbornly refuses to leave.
2.    A move away from my friends ... meant I took solace in the weird world of pop music.
3.    if he were human mixed with something alien.
4.    I played xxxx until the grooves of the vinyl started turning grey.
5.    xxxx - the only song I have never, ever tired of; capable of picking me up when I am down and my all time favourite as a consequence. 6.    exerted a power over me nothing else could.
7.    his music became my guide into another world. A
8.    should you have listened to some of his earlier material, it certainly ...

     SET2   1.    intoxicating. And he just kept getting better.
2.    agonising few hours spent on the phone and I had tickets to I was ecstatic. 
3.    I bored people at school to death about it.  
4.    admit I blubbed like a spoilt child.
5.    I never cried again about Prince until this week.
6.    Watching him perform was like nothing else....
7.    He was relentless. And I loved every single minute.
1.    Granted, but there was always something which made him worth it.  
2.    had I not just splurged yet more money on his concert tickets. 
3.    He was a constant. A physical link transporting me  
4.    nothing worse than a proper grown-up with an obsession about a pop star said things which I didn’t agree with  
5.    I liked the fact he rarely gave interviews,
6.    even when he was doing daft things like threatening fans  
7.    his live shows were, without exception, the most thrilling events I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

1.    It’s a cliché to say with Prince goes a chunk of my life that I clung to like a rock. 
2.    No more will the panic button be hit when ....
3.    No more will my cousin and I - my partner in crime 
4.    On the day he died I could not bring myself to listen to his music.
5.    That must surely come later. Now the pain is too raw.
6.    embarassingly,  tears streamed down my face.
7.    It was a sobering moment.
8.    his place in my life will never be forgotten. As silly as I know that is.

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