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Monday, May 2, 2016

my preintermediate spoken resources

4 places i may visit this summer

 before starting the intermediate course!

Dictation online

Choose your English dictation below. You'll hear it read four times :
  •   first, the whole passage is read at normal speed for you to listen for gist;
  •   second, each phrase is read slowly twice, with punctuation, as you write;
  •   then the whole passage is read again for you to check your work;
  •   finally, the written text is shown - count your mistakes.
Full stop = .  Comma = ,  Semi-colon = ; Colon = :  Inverted commas = "___"
Exclamation mark = !  Brackets = ( __ )  Hyphen = _-_    Dash = _  —  _
KEY___See Below

Another experience: 
Read about this

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See Describing self 2___KEY below:

I was born in Paris. When I was six my family moved to Lyons. I've lived there for thirteen years now. I have two brothers. One is older than me and the other is younger. I'm seventeen. Next year I'm going to university. I'm going to study physics.

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