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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ALTE levels CEF ... so eoi tests everything everywhere

 Follow the 4 BITS  to decode the acronyms. 

BIT 1.
EOI's tests in Catalonia range 

 5th =B2+  

Don't be fooled by your intuition. Be natural, test yourself.

To practise you may go to any of these links, and in so doing you may be ready for your forthcoming tests.

other links in SPAIN__EEOOII
 (courtesy ... EOI Madrid-Villaverde)

      EOI Euskadi
       EOI Pamplona
        EOI Aragon
       EOI A Corunha  (5 levels)
       EOI Mallorca  (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Catalonia's xtec  page:

That's English JuntaAndalucia 

 BIT 2.
ALTE now establishes a six-level framework of language examination standards.

The following table compares 
the ALTE levels with the CEF levels and EFL exams:
Level 5C2CPE7.5+910+276+
Level 4C1CAE6.5 - 7701 - 910236 - 275
Level 3B2FCE5 - 6541 - 700176 - 235
Level 2B1PET3.5 - 4.5381 - 540126 - 175
Level 1A2KET3246 - 38096 - 125


The Common European Framework divides learners into 
three broad divisions which 
can be divided into six levels:
A Basic User
A1 Breakthrough
A2 Waystage
B Independent User
B1 Threshold
B2 Vantage
C Proficient User
C1 Effective Operational Proficiency
C2 Mastery

  BIT 3.

Spoken performance illustrating the levels of the CEFR 

by  Ms EOI TEacher -Videos of users here

One of the aims of the Common European Framework of Reference is to provide guidelines  so that both learners and teachers know what knowledge and skills should be expected in each level of the language so speakers can act effectively.
Each individual language user has to develop a number of communicative language competences, ranging from the most general to the most particular.
Generally speaking, productive skills are the ones that take longest to master and, quite frequently, both learners and teachers ask for some guidance as to what sort of spoken production to be expected in each of the levels of the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). With that in mind, the CIEP (a national public institution in France reputed for their expert evaluation as well as training assessment) prepared a DVD illustrating the spoken performances of the six levels of the CEFRL which are now available online.
Users of Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari can sometimes experience some difficulty when trying to view those videos in the CIEP website, though they usually work correctly in Internet Explorer. In an attemtp to lend a helping hand to those who cannot make the videos run in their browser, I have prepared a tutorial (see here) showing how to view them on your own Windows Media Player (so no matter which browser you use or which plug-ins you have installed, your WMPlayer will most likely be updated to play its most 'native' format ".wmv").
on the web page
you can find the URLs you can use to display the videos in your Windows Media Player.

 BIT 4. 
free tests: CAE >

First C E> Reading:

When can any learner take the FCE test?The FCE test can be taken most months in either paper-based or computer-based format. The paper-based test can be taken in March, May, June, August and December. The computer-based test can be taken in February, April, July, August and November. Not all test centres will administer both types of test.
How much does it cost to take FCE?Fees are set by test centres. Expect to pay around €180 euros.

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