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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

C1- WR_TASK 2 - OPTION A-B. Women in society and sexism

TASK 2. Choose one of the options.

 WR_Option B. 

  Susanna Schrobsdor at the essay The pursuit of happy-ish  with the title: A distressing summer of workplace sexism reminds us how far we have to go.  
HERE’S A NUMBER THAT MIGHT COME AS A SURPRISEAccording to a Pew Research survey released in August, most American men—56%—think sexism is over and done with. More than half believe that “the obstacles that once made it harder for women than men to get ahead are now largely gone.” (...)
(...) Donald Trump suggested in July 2017 that his daughter Ivanka would never put up with sexual harassment—she’d just nd another career or another company.  

Write about 250 words to discuss what Susanna Schrobsdorff raises about workplace and sexism in the last decade and scenarios for the near future.

Also, REACT to any of her columns at

For instance:
November -2016

There's a Startling Increase in Major Depression Among Teens in the U.S.

January -2017


 Pew Research survey 
- August 2016

 WR_Option A. 

The statistics below illustrate the degree of Gender-perceived obstacles in the US political parties.

Consider the figures and explain what they tell us about whether women still face obstacles to progress in society today.

Write a text of about 250 words analysing the data and drawing conclusions from them. 
Only mention the figures if needed to support your arguments. 

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