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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

READER_Bryson prompts



Read TWO of these articles below to be shared  and explained in next class

(Select 15 language items in each to teach your partner). 

   10. Wide-Open Spaces               (p. 52)  

    11. Rule Number 1: Follow All Rules        (p. 56

     12The mysteries of Christmas               (p. 61


Explain the humourous remarks:


1.     I did a foolish thing .... local cafes and seated myself without permission.   
 2.     "Yup," I replied proudly. "Dressed myself too."  
3.     I have seen the sign from every angle but supine.  
4.     the server in this section is very busy, so you may have to wait a while for her to get to you."  
5.     instinctive recognition that these are useful ways of helping to achieve and maintain a civilized and orderly society.  
6.     a little Teutonic order wouldn't go amiss in England-for instance,  
7.     speak freely here, I would support capital punishment). 
8.     written rules-twenty-seven!-of which my favorite is "One Bounce Per Dive on Diving Board." And they're enforced.  
9.     the clerk, who had the charm and boundless motivation you would expect to find in someone whose primary employment perk is a nylon tie.  
10.  "This is expired," he sniffed. "Then I won't ask to drive the plane," I replied.    
11.  He looked at a printed list. "... not on our list of Permissible Visual Cognitive Imagings," he said, or something similarly vacuous. 
 12.  "Are you seriously suggesting that I had this book specially printed so I could sneak on to a flight to Buffalo?" 

13.  Eventually we ended up with a crowd scene .... the supervisor's surpervisor, ...., several inquisitive bystanders ....., and a guy selling jewelry.  
14.  My flight was due to take off in minutes and froth was starting to form at the corners of my mouth. "What is the point of all this anyway  
15.  Anyway, I changed tack and begged.  
16.  I don't suppose anyone has ever shown such earnest, remorseful desire to be allowed to proceed to Buffalo.  
17.  "There is always a little more toothpaste in the tube," I said. "Think about it." (* you always manage to accomplish something if you try a little harder.)



Use these prompts to retell the following chapters.

10. Wide-Open Spaces

  1. talking big scale
  2. the population of the USA
  3. twice the size of France
  4. New Hampshire
  5. metallic wombs
  6. a million immigrants
  7. 6 per cent
  8. 68 people per square mile
  9. Daniel Boone

11. Rule Number 1: Follow All Rules
  1. foolish thing
  2. jump the queue
  3. Teutonic order
  4. public swimming-pool
  5. picture ID
  6. written instructions
  7. tooth paste 

12. The Mysteries of Christmas
  1. “A-Wassailing We’ll Go”
  2. Christmas in Britain vs
    Christmas in America
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. turkey
  5. News Year’s Eve
  6. there are no ...
  7. Boxing Day
  8. shopping malls
  9. alms boxes
  10. Slade 

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