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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Parag_1-DESCRIBE the graph_ World values graph


Happiness and Life Satisfaction

The WVS has shown that from 1981 to 2007 happiness rose in 45 of the 52 countries for which long-term data are available.

TASK. DESCRIBE the graph below. 

To understand this graphic we can explain its two axes. 
On the one hand, we have the horizontal axe. In one extreme there are survival values. In other words, they are poor countries for which their principal priority is health, house, clear water... In the other extreme there are self-expression values, that means rich countries whose principal problem or preoccupation is self- fulfillment, university studies, professional career... 
On the other hand, we have the vertical axe. It describes what is in the center of each society. In one extreme we have traditional values that indicate societies whose center are family, religion, nation, etc. On the contrary, there are secular- rational values or, in other words, societies whose center is every individual, every person.  

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