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Friday, March 18, 2011

world news from different perspectives

Every day  Select 10 minutes of one of these broadcasting sites:

1 Euronews 
 2: France 24 h

 3. Deutsche Welle 

 4- Australian Broadcasting Corporation

5- voice of America (VOA)

6- from Singapore

 Norouz: New year in Persia  (03:49)

in youtube:  Euronews's channelAlso: see the Euronews entry in this page here

Check the blue rectangle on the right: 
Watch France 24

Also the 5-minute radio summary
 up-to-the-minute news form around the world

DW-TV – Travelogue- news, information and culture channel

DW-TV is Deutsche Welle’s international television channel and offers viewers around the world news and information from Germany, Europe and the world. Independent, objective and reliable.

What's on?  News every hour on the hour, up-to-date reporting, magazines, and documentary programs from the worlds of politics, economics, the arts, and sports. DW-TV broadcasts in German, English, Arabic and Spanish


ABC news from Australia:  

Foreign Correspondent news 

Australian Broadcasting Corporationgood archive with news on broadband and transcript.
check this one clicking on broadband:  The Titanic uncovered
Broadcast: 08/03/2011    Reporter: Mike Sexton

The story of the Titanic's sinking has baffled us for almost a century, but with new technology that allows the wreck to be examined in 3D definition clarity some of our many questions may soon be answered. Marine archaeologist, David Gallo from the Woods-Hole Institution spoke to reporter Mike Sexton.

You can listen , script included, VOAnews for learners at two paces here:

the slow motion voice (to 2nd year learners), i.e. this: all eyes were on tablets

Normal pace videos. Find their archive here  

Check the Feature articles, pick up one, listen to it or download the file.

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