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Friday, January 6, 2012

Macbeth - The ELT Graphic Novel

William Shakespeare
Script by John McDonald / Adapted for ELT by Brigit Viney
Heinle Cengage Learning 2009
ISBN 9781424028702

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From the blurb: "This full colour graphic novel presents 'The Scottish Play' adapted so that intermediate language learners can enjoy Shakespeare too.
Macbeth is one of the most dramatic of Shakespeare's tragedies and this version will give learners a new and satisfying view of the genius of Shakespeare's story telling."

Discovering Macbeth -
 The ELT Graphic Novel from Heinle Cengage reminds me of the first time I saw Wallace and Gromit in 'The Wrong Trousers' adapted to English teaching. It was as though the heavens had opened and rays of happiness, joy and nice bits of cheddar and stilton were pouring down on tired English teachers everywhere.
Once again the ELT clouds seem to have parted and I can already imagine cackling curses from wicked witches (in simplified English, of course) echoing around creepy classrooms even as I type.

At least three target readerships immediately spring to mind:

First of all, any foreign language class with a bit of English literature on the syllabus is a no-brainer: they need this book!
Then there's the native speakers who are obliged to tackle the classics but who are finding the Shakespearian idiom less and less accessible. This could be an excellent way to fire up today's youth to appreciating the timeless lessons of life and human folly within the Bard's plays without tears.

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