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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Validation -the grandest short on smiling

The Kind-hearted man who tries to make the world a better place, one encouraging comment at a time.

I want to thank anyone who spends part of their day creating [& sharing their experience]. I don't care if it's a book, a film, a painting, a dance, a piece of theater, a piece of music… I think this world would be unlivable without art. ~ S. Soderbergh
A fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation -- dispensing both free parking and free compliments.

From the Film TEAM:
If you are one of those people (like me - because of being a teacher and all) who believe very strongly that making others feel good about themselves is not just social glue but a major factor in spreading positivity and boosting achievement in the world, this is a film for you. I love it. 

I've seldom, if ever agreed with Heartland Grand Prize winners, but when "Validation" captured the Best Short Grand Prize at the 2007 Heartland Film Festival this paraplegic nearly stood and applauded. As written and directed by award-winning filmmaker and composer Kurt Kuenne, "Validation" is a delightful, funny, sweet and inspiring film that will make you laugh and cry in the film's short span of 16 minutes.

The action centers on Hugh Newman (T.J. Thyne), a parking lot attendant who hands out real-life validation along with free parking. "Validation" has the sort of storyline that has you tapping your forehead thinking "Why couldn't I think of that?" It's amazingly simple, yet original, fresh and and entertaining.

The award-winning film is perfectly cast, most notably the awesome performance of T.J. Thyne as Hugh Newman. Vicki Davis also shines as a frowning DMV photographer who captures Hugh's attention.
The B&W short is beautifully photographed and Kuenne's score is a perfect complement to the film's gently off-kilter proceedings.
Easily one of 2007's most delightful shorts, all I can say to Kurt Kuenne is 

"You are great. No, really. You are so talented and your camera work is beautiful. Your words inspired me and made me laugh. Your music is delightful. You're awesome."

For a class activity: great ideas from Kieran Donaghy

KampaiTube's Review

Amazing isin't it? You just feel like smiling right now, yup that's how impressive and powerful this video was! Never thought that complimenting someone else can feel this great :) The video and audio was good!

Bold and daring, this is the first thing we thought when we first watched it. This was suppose to be a heartwarming, smiling video but why is everything black and white? Usually those are the elements of gloomy and darkness, but this video challenged it and took it from its own perspective. The idea of this film was delivered well but maybe some might find it a little hard to catch up like the part when a girl shouted ' Next' at 4:02 after the group danced, it got us confused for awhile too.
They even include humor as well when Hugh met Bush and even Saddam to make them smile :P but this also got us thinking, being unappreciated can be this draining and down. Nope, i'm not talking about the people Hugh complimented but rather Hugh himself! Look at what he said at the last part of the last dialogue of the show ''No one has ever said that about me before''. Why? because people usually take, but never give, so have you been giving? ;) 

Bald guy : I'm here to get validated
Hugh : You..You are awesome
Bald guy : Excuse me?
Hugh : You have an amazing face, you've got powerful features man anyone ever tell you that?
Bald guy : No, No
Hugh : Then listen, you look a little down and it may seem like sometimes people don't understand you, but some day man, SOME day people are going to see you for what you really are
Bald guy : really think so?
Hugh : Absolutely, You are great

Lady with sunglasses : Need a validation please
Hugh : You, You are great maam, you have amazing cheekbones
Lady with sunglasses : really?

Police 1 : Sir!
Police 2 : Yes?
Police 1 : We have a situation
Police 2 : Where?

Hugh : you have so much life experience that other dont appreciate that you know
Old lady : Bless you dear

Police 1 : They're not patronizing the shop, they're just coming here to see him!

Hugh : Sir you're in a great shape! You work out?

Police Chief : Not for long
Police Chief : Young man, we are running a business here not a social club
Hugh : That is a fantastic suit, it really flatters you
Police Chief : You..think so?

Hugh : You guys worked so hard, you are the backbone that keeps this place running!
Police 2 : I always felt like no one really appreciated us
Police Chief : Yeah i mean our jobs are so stressful it seems like, most of the times people don't see it
Hugh : NO, what you do is so important
Police CHief : You know i bet the boss would love to meet you

Hugh : You are great, you provide hundred of jobs, sustaining hundred of families, that's huge!
Boss : That's so good to hear, most of the time i feel people don't recognize that, i'm just a big bad man in hell
Hugh : Not at all, you give
Boss : You know some people would probably like to meet you

Hugh : Mr. president, no matter what people say about you, you still got a great golf swing
Bush : God bless you
Hugh : You do!

Hugh : You have a fantastic moustache, i bet look at you and get envious, I'm not kidding!
Osama : Thank you
Hugh : You're welcome!

News report : Hugh Newman a man who is changing the world with free parking and free compliments

Police : Your license is expired sir
Hugh : That is great at what you do, you are so thorough
police : Really? you think so?

News reporter : Hugh, what is your secret?
Hugh : I just love to see people smile!
News reporter : It seems like there is no one Hugh Newman cannot make smile

Victoria : Next!
Victoria : No one smiles in their driving license photo sir, its not allowed
Victoria : Next!
Victoria : Next!
Hugh : You are amazing, you are so efficient
Victoria : Next!
Hugh : that's a beautiful name
victoria : Next!
Hugh : You take such good care of your equipment, anyone is lucky to have you
Victoria : We're closed sir
Hugh : Victoria, I just..want to see you smile
Victoria : Good night sir
Hugh : Where do i go for
Victoria : We don't validate sir

Victoria: Next!
Hugh : They match your eyes, sorta, Oh you have the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen
Victoria : Next..
Hugh : You eat healthy too, see you take good care of yourself, that's awesome
Hugh : See? You're even a great pet owner, you give her full hours of walk, most people wont take the time, but you care! oh you care
Hugh : Have you ever smiled?
Victoria : Yes
Hugh : When?
Victoria : When i was a little girl
Hugh : Aww, i bet you have a beautiful smile, what happened to it?
Victoria : Next!

Hugh : Look like anyone you know?
Victoria : Next!
Hugh : There's color and black and white
Victoria : Next!
Victoria : Next!
Hugh : I just wanted to see you smile
Victoria : I'm sorry
Victoria : Next!

Bald guy : I'm here to get validated please!
Hugh : You're..okay i guess
Bald guy : Okay? Did you say okay?
Hugh : Yeah you're fine..
Bald guy : Don't you have anything else to say?
Hugh : What's the point..

Guy : Hey! excuse me! excuse me! Could you take our picture?
Guy : Thanks, really appreciated it
Girl : It's our first time here
Hugh : Smile
Hugh : That's not a real smile
Hugh : You guys love each other?
Hugh : You're on vacation travelling the world?
Hugh : God that's great, Wish i can travel the world with the one i love, wish i can have someone take our picture and really smile
Hugh : You guys have every reason to smile!
Hugh : You're gorgeous!
Hugh : You are prime of your lives! and you guys..are great!
Hugh : Hold it right there, Now That! its a smile..
Hugh : One more one more right there
Hugh : Aw that's it! one more one more
Hugh : Beautiful Beautiful! Look at each other
Hugh : Aw fantastic couple

Hugh : What do you love most about your wife?
Husband : Erm, she accepts me, despite knowing

Hugh : Where did you meet?
Girl : Laundry duty
Hugh : Aw , serve your country at the love of your lives, you guys are awesome
Hugh : Beautiful beautiful
Girl : THank you so much
Hugh : Okay bye
Guy : Excuse me, you get the most sincere smile out of people i've ever seen, you wanna make some extra money? Shooting stuff like this?

Hugh : Friendly folks, sorry to interrupt, you're a beautiful couple
Hugh : You're models?
Guy 1 : No
Hugh : Would you like to be?

Hugh : You have two the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen
Lady on wheelchair : Excuse me?
Hugh : Your eyes, their gorgeous! And your dress matches your eyes, its perfect! May I?
Lady on wheelchair : Okay
Hugh : What do you love most on the world?
Lady on wheelchair : My daughter, she has the most wonderful smile

Hugh : Hello, I'm here to attend some cleaning, Hugh Newman?
Receptionist : Hello Hugh, can you just keep the driver's license over there?
Hugh : Sure
Receptionist : Thank you

Hugh : Hey
Guy 2 : hey
Hugh : How did you..You're..Smiling! But..she..did you

Shabbly guy : NEXT!
Hugh : Excuse me sir, er where's Victoria?
Shabbly guy : She don't work here, she's fired!
Shabbly guy : NEXT!
Hugh : Fired? Why?!
Shabbly guy : She was smiling, look at this, she DID this, look at that girl smiling, look a that! those pictures SUCK! they're not suppose to smile!
Hugh : Where is she?

Victoria : You are awesome, you're gona have so much fun on this trip, the stories you're gona tell people when you get back will be amazing
Lady : I can't wait, I've always wanted to see Paris
Hugh : I don't understand, I tried everything, what happened?
Victoria : When i was a little girl, my mother got very sick and she stayed that way
Victoria : And over the years she got so sad that she forgot how to smile
Victoria : And seeing her like that I couldn't smile either, and i didn't ..for years
Victoria : But then one day , a young man came up to her and told her how beautiful she was, so beautiful that you wanted to take her picture
Victoria : He made her smile and suddenly after all those years she got better
Victoria : I knew it was you , I looked everywhere for you, but i couldn't find you anywhere
Victoria : I went to every garage in town , I paid every ticket they had but i couldn't find you
Hugh : You paid for parking for me?
Victoria : Yes, because you..are great
Victoria : You.. are amazing
Hugh : No one has ever said that about me before

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