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Monday, March 23, 2015


    JANUARY - EASTER package.     
 ORAL - you should have taken part in class ( two at least ) :

ORAL EXAM_-PRACTICE (groups of 3 learners)
Prepare a  4-minute speech on  …. 
unit_06.  Forgeries, fakes, -from news, films, etc
unit _07.  An important FEMALE figure.
Unit_08.1.  a BRAND of your (dis)liking
  Unit_08.2  a  Drinking BRAND -spirits better- of your (dis)liking. 
unit _09.  An important  ICON at personal level.

               UNIT 6.   CRIME
WR1. A. My report on Crime and society.
Listen to Write_06. See TEDTALK  on tech-privacy.  Mikko Hypponen on Three Types of Online Attack
                        UNIT 7. HEALTH   
WR_A. My special recovery
WR_B. Report on graph CHOOSE: Proportion people give to charity or Advertising in the UK
Listen to Write_07 See TEDTALK  by Hanna Rosin (first 10 min) on The end of men (and the rise of women)
            UNIT 8.    BRANDS
WR1. A. The importance of not being Earnest
WR1. B. Choose a graph/statistics of your choice
Listen to Write_08.  See TEDTALK  on Creating a BRAND. Sir John Hegarty at the BBH Seminar at Cannes Lions 2011
       UNIT 9.   ICONS
WR1. A. My personal icon 
WR1. B. Report on Film figures -007 Bond series or STAR WARS
Listen to Write_09.   (first 9 minutes) Interview  to D. Sasson (track and script here) PODCAST

EASTER PRACTICE. PREPARE  both WR tasks  given in your GENERALITAT_mostres de les proves C1.
1. Listen to WR. Then  WR_2A or WR_2B. ONE of the  TWO tasks 

At the end of the term we will have covered  units  6-9

LANGUAGE PROJECT_02- on your second reader
REPORT 33 interesting expressions, and explain them. See files in unit 9.
SPOKEN TASK: we will exchange views on one another's novels, Read reviews at goodread/amazon websites in order to get some external ideas.

Prepare a folder with expressions related to quantities YOU have ACTIVATED.
AQuantities - study the following texts:
  • unit 6 files:  The risk Factor - by  B. Bryson
  • unit 7 files: IRELAND. Choc bars for MP
  • unit 8 files: FTimes-Another beer

 B. Study the sample texts given in class:

    Advertising in the UK  //    People with disabilites  //    STAR WARS Box Office

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