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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The last straw_ my Spring ORAL project.

Integrating listening with writing skills
  in order to improve my speaking performance.

The last straw_ my Spring ORAL project.

Autonomous learners find there own input.... 

Have a peep at this REVIEW on The EnglishHOUR 

Spring Listening project.

We will exchange our study language work:
listen & write, and test your Listening skill with your mates work.

TASK 2.  Explore the list of the recorded programs
 with 4 interviewers, ....
Perhaps you might find THE topic for your ORAL presentation task!?  
Listen to the first 10-12min  of one of the programs below
Also, you can check the pdf of the 4 types in our model (Spring Listening project files).

TASK 3.  Listen to the first 10-12min  of one of the programmes above.

TASK 3.1.  Then, prepare a set of 10-12 questions with answers. Send it to me.
A) Our finest hour with Matthew Tree Hosted by British writer Matthew Tree, this roundtable debate airs every Thursday. Every week Matthew is joined by different guests, including Liz Castro, Patricia Gabancho and Martin Kirby, among others, who will discuss the most important events of the week.

B)  Going native with Neil Stokes A good level of English has become a must for everyone, including Catalans. Each Monday, Neil Stokes talks to a different public figure, including artists, sports people, politicians and actors, for whom English is an everyday reality. 
C)  Small talk with Nicole MillarForeign residents are also the focus every Friday, when Catalonia Today’s Nicole Millar talks to people from a variety of countries and walks of life about their experiences of adapting to life in Catalonia. 

D) Catalan connections with Marcela Topor
Every Wednesday, Catalonia Today editor Marcela Topor interviews well-known foreign residents in Catalonia. From writers and musicians to entrepreneurs and officials, the interviews provide a unique perspective on living and working in Catalonia.

TASK 3.2  Listen to your partners' questions.

Someone got the work done for you, Mary Nash, (an Irish historian). 
Look at the link below.

Now your turn!

Any time, .... 

REVIEW on The English HOUR.  Spring Writing project.

TASK 4.  Explore the list of the recorded programs with 4 interviewers. 
Now set 40 minutes ahead with no noise, interference:
TASK 4.1.  Listen to the  8-9 min  of one of the programmes above.  Go ahead until you reach the subject matter.

TASK 4.2.  Prepare  a Listen-to-Write text.  200 words.  in 35 minutes

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