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Sunday, April 24, 2016

when in doubt, and no common sense works... Go Cambio

Image result for I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught .

Having a good time and meeting new people is at the heart of cambioing. So make sure you take the time to just relax and have some fun with the new friend you've invited into your home.

Spend your time with other people....
Dare try?

The idea for GoCambio came to us while walking along a windswept cliff in the far south of Ireland.We knew that millions of people around the world wanted to improve the skills they had, and maybe learn some new ones. And we also knew that millions more want to travel independently and meet new people. 
BINGO!So if we could connect a few of them, we could make a real difference. 
We could make the world a little smaller, a little friendlier and a little smarter.  
So GoCambio was born to help people learn for free, and find free places to stay.

READ it in the news: IRISH_Independent
AND, YES! ...  
YOU DONT HAVE ........  
FOR ANYTHINGYou can use our whole service for free. That’s it. No messing about. No small print. No sign up charges. No connection fees.

A propos de GoCambio from GoCambio on Vimeo.

SO WHAT IS GOCAMBIOIt’s simple really. We connect people who want to travel with people who want to learn new languages and skills. The Guest gets a place to stay, a few meals and a warm welcome in return for giving a few hours of tuition to their Host. 

Q__Is my guest a qualified teacher?
A quick look through a guest’s profile will tell you all you need to know about your guest’s credentials. While most of our members come from all sorts of other backgrounds, our Express Cambio Course and the upcoming 10 Hour Cambio Expert course will give Cambio Guests everything they need to teach their native language and skills. Our Guests are able to share their skills no matter what background they have. 

Q__How much time will my Guest spend with me each day?We usually encourage Guests to allow for two hours a day with their Host to get all the teaching and skills exchanging they need done. This is only a guideline and you can both agree to have less or more hours depending on what you both want to do. Want a day to yourself? Let your Guest know. 

Q__ My Host is expecting me to teach them in the very formal manner that they have experienced in previous language classes. ???In some countries and schools, language education is very structured. Explain to your Host that you’re not a language school teacher and that this is an opportunity for them practise and learn in a new way. You can continue to help them with their course work if they want you to; working from a book or practising for an exam in your language if that helps. Explain that it would be more fun and maybe l if you just went out, enjoyed some time together and chatted in your language.
Q__ My The person I am staying with is very quiet and I’m finding it difficult to help them. What shall I do?Don’t worry, it is common for people to feel shy or anxious about getting to know a new person especially from another country. When you are teaching a new skill or language, try to be as supportive as you can. Make things simple to start with and give them plenty of praise and support as they begin to make progress. Get to know them, find out about their interests and this will help them feel more comfortable speaking with you. You are only a Guest so you don’t need to worry about a lesson being perfect. A cambio is designed to help a Host pick up new skills and knowledge at their own pace in a comfortable environment.

ONE EXPERIENCE from gocambio blog: 7. Cesare in Sardinia


Cesare’s home in Sardinia.
How does spending some sunny springtime afternoons in Sardinia sound? Like a little piece of heaven? We think so too.
The largest Mediterranean island after Sicily, Sardinia is home to huge numbers of megalithic structures called nuraghes and one of the oldest forms of vocal polyphony, known as cantu a tenore. Whether you’re an adventurous foodie or a frequenter of local festivities, Sardinia has a rich cultural experience for everyone.
And in a beachside villa on the beautiful island, Cesare and his girlfriend – who speak English, French, Italian and Spanish – are looking to develop their existing conversational language skills, and try their hand at Asian cuisine or web development.
With breakfast, lunch and dinner all fully provided, your stay will include your own private bedroom and bathroom, with access to a large veranda facing the calm emerald sea and “all you need for a good life.”

Do you live in a place with some unique attractions that you’d love to share with travellers to your country? By becoming a GoCambio Host you’ll be helping people to have a more genuine travel experience off the beaten path – plus you’ll get some language lessons or skill sessions for free!


Here are a few of the questions we get asked most by people who are thinking of becoming a Host. 

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