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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Michael Callow's ordeal - Black mirror

Black Mirror  s1 -Ep: 01 
       The National Anthem   Image result for black mirror piggate 
 PM Michael Callow  (centre of picture) + 
1, 2 and 3  his  chief advisors  (in fact there are seven) 
 LOCATION: Downing Street, 10    TIME: 06:15 morning
  ==== DIALOGUE:  =========

What’s happened?            (minute 01:06) 
1; Er, Susannah.  
1; Princess Susannah.  
Is she all right?  
2; Don’t know.    [Watching TV recording]

S: Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.  
Read the statement.  
S: Yes, all right. On the screen?  
That is correct.  
I’m Susannah, Duchess of Beaumont, popularly known as Princess Susannah. I an in the place you…er… cannot find, held by one you will not trace. Prime Minister Michael Callow... Prime Minister Michael life…my life depends on you. If you do not do precisely as instructed by…um…at four pm this afternoon, I’ll be…I will be executed. Please. 
What are you doing? Keep it going.  
2; Prime Minister, at this point, I think it’s important to say that we are 100% certain that this is, indeed, Princess Susannah.  
3; Her car was intercepted shortly after midnight, returning from the wedding of a college friend.  
3;  She was insisted on going.  
But you had security around her?  
2;  Two PPOs, still unconscious.  
3; Heavy sedative, close range, each with a single puncture wound, no sign of struggle.  
What do they want? Money? Release the Jihadi? Scrap Third World debts? Save the fucking libraries?  
2; We are convinced for the video and the demand it contains are genuine.  
What demand?  
> What Susannah says next…it concern you directly, sir.  
Just play it.  
1; There is only one demand, and it is a simple one. At four pm this afternoon, Prime Minister Michael Callow must appear on live British Television, and all networks, terrestrial and satellite, and…no…on all British networks, terrestrial and satellite, and have full unsimulated sexual intercourse with a pig. .... (I don’t understand.)  
3; The video ends with a series of technical specifications for the broadcast.  
Why are they doing this? It is a joke, right? "Ha ha, Mike! Ho ho."  
3;  It’s real.  
She said pig, sex with pig. They want me to have sex with a pig.  
3;  Live on television this afternoon…  
But what…who…  
2;  We are checking with embedded operatives, compiling a list of suspects.  
3;  Meanwhile, the demand has been made. And there is not long to formulate our response.  
Well, I’m not fucking a pig. Page one, that's not happening. Of course. Absolutely sir. Well, have we established a dialogue with this… We can’t. There's no e-mail address, no code word, no channel for negotiation.  
OK. So we focus on finding Susannah, we get her back. (...)However it's done, I don't care. We stop this now.  
2;  I ensure you everyone's working towards this.  
1;  Yes, no not everyone, a dedicated core team, this can’t go wide.  
2; And keep it so far from the press it's on the other side of Jupiter.  
1; This only exists in this room.  
3; It’s already outside it.  
If there are hacks sniffing around, shut them down, 
1;  This video came from YouTube.  
2; It was uploaded via an encrypted IP an hour ago.  
Well get it off there.  
3; We did after nine minutes, but that was long enough to be downloaded duplicated and spread. 
Spread? How many people have seen this?  
1; We take down one, six clones pop up elsewhere.  
How many people ...? 
3; Fifty thousand, that’s our current estimate.  
1t; The news rooms have got it.  
They're running this on air?  
2; No, no. We put a type five D notice out at immediately and they're complying.  
1; For now.  
2; It's trending on Twitter.  
Oh! For... Fucking internet! What now? What's the play book?  
2; This is virgin territory, Prime Minister.  
3; There is no play book.              (minute 07:56)

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