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Monday, February 6, 2012

divine things... on Earth: money matters


Pray to God charitably for the  blessed soul
 of  Don Salary Increase,
disappeared in Spain elderly
widower of Mrs. Rise of Prices,
who was driving too fast,
due to the fuel of a new Development Plan.


His grieving wife Doña Modest 2nd Special Wage,
and children, Advance Gift, Mrs. Shame (absent),
Donna Perpetual Debt and Forced Fast,
and their in-laws, Donna Lost Hope, Unpaid Instalments and Donna  Urgent Need 
cousins, creditors and other family
I pray a pious remembrance in your prayers

We appreciate your assistance to the conduct of the body
from the mortuary of the Ministry of Labour towards
the cemetery of Lost Hope.

Several Excellencies ministers have profused
good words in the usual way.
90 days of indulgence by reciting the following prayer:


"Government of ours who are in the Moncloa, 

whatever the party you are, 
glorified be thy name and that of your 640 advisors, 
who can not stop heading for finantial ruin.

Hallowed be your name, your will be done 
and your ministers'as welll
as they know how to  squeeze us,

Forgive us our debts
 which we see increased at times,
as we try to forgive those who are stealing from us,
and let us be tempted to find some much needed employment.


Blessed are those who live on the basic salary

to cover our bare needs
for soon they shall see God.

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