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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Violet Constance Jessop: the luck of the Irish nurse

One of the most amazing stories of any nautical  survivors:  Violet Constance Jessop. It could have been worse!

She managed to get through three whipwrecks, where she was working as a nurse:
1911 with the RMS Olympic
1912 with the RMS Titanic
1916  with the His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Britannic
If her parent had been middle class, they wouldn't have emigrated.
If she hadn't had tuberculosis, her doctors wouldn't been worried for her life.
If her 3 brothers had survived, her childhood would have been happier.
If her father hadn't died, she wouldn't have gone to London.

If she hadn't collided with another ship, her Olympic ship wouldn't  have sank. 
If she hadn't stroke a deathly icetrap, her Titanic voyage wouldn't  have ended in tragedy. 
If she hadn't stroke hit a mine, the Britannic  wouldn't  have sank. 

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Her life had not been easy. Born to Irish emigrants living near Bahia Blanca, Argentina, Violet was the first of nine children, six of whom survived. Violet herself almost died after contracting tuberculosis at an early age and survived despite doctor’s predictions. After her father died, Violet and her family moved to Great Britain where she attended school.
1911 with the RMS Olympic when it nearly sank after colliding with the naval cruise the HMS Hawke (see picture). On the bridge during this incident was Captain Edward J.Smith.

1912 with the RMS Titanic (you already know the ending, but you perhaps forgot that E. J. Smith was its captain). After watching people being loaded into the lifeboats, she was ordered into lifeboat 16 and as the boat was being lowered, she was given a baby to look after. According to Jessop, while she was aboard the Carpathia, a woman grabbed the baby she was holding and ran off without saying a word.

When the Britannic struck a mine and sank in the Greek waters. While the ship was sinking  she jumped out of a

lifeboat in order to avoid being sucked into the Britannic’s propellers. She was sucked underwater and struck her head on the ship’s keel before being rescued by another lifeboat. 

Britannic sinks after hitting a mine as depicted in the film 

EPILOGUE: to be contrasted with Yamaguchi whose atomic mishap penetrated flesh and bones entirely.

One of the most amazing stories of any Titanic survivors, Violet Constance Jessop was an ocean liner stewardess and a nurse.   According to Violet, she made sure to grab her toothbrush before leaving her cabin on the Britannic and saying that it was the one thing she missed  most immediately after following the sinking of the Titanic.

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