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Thursday, December 18, 2014

nativity 2.0 (a digital upgrade)

In case you have missed them, 
there are many delightful reinterpretations of the Christmas story, to start with the 
 using the 

Besides the 3 presents from the magi (wise men), named... until the 8th century

Hor, Karsudan, and Basanater
    or was it 

Kagpha, Badadakharida and Badadilma?

Perhaps you are attached to further changes and recall the western adaptacion and the three complexion colours!!!

Below, two narratives according to our 21st century
(if it is traditional, there is a need to reinvent itself, otherwise there is no future ahead)
using the web’s most popular social platforms.

What if the nativity happened in today’s world, a world of Facebooks, iPhones, Twitters and ..... Justin Bieber?
That’s the question I ask myself everyday and thankfully this week Portuguese company ‘Excentric’ answered it with this ingenius interpretation: “The Digital Story of Nativity”It’s Christmas 2.0 and it’s so awesome we had to have it on our calendar…

My favorite ad agency campaign, (social medianaires) however,
 has to be the following video 
showing the Nativity story, as told by digital media.

Basically, we see the Bible’s tale of the birth of Jesus done via online and mobile technology, with a heavy emphasis on social media.
A) Someone starts off by Googling The Story of the Nativity.
B) Mary gets an SMS message on her iPhone from the Angel Gabriel about her being pregnant,
C) which promptly leads to her needing to talk with Joseph.Carpenter07 about their dating situation.
D_E_F_G) The story continues as they utilize:
  • 4square,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Google Maps,
  • Wikipedia,
  • Amazon and
  • YouTube to tell the story.  
I loved the Three Wisemen ‘Following’ @BethlehemStar
on Twitter and
Joseph checking in to the Stable on 4Square for the birth.
Also, who knew that Joseph played FarmVille?

Retell what you see on the video:
It all started when Holy_Mary received an SMS from God, 
and was bound to quickly prepare a trip to Bethlehem.

This second one is by Christian media dons Igniter Media whose site doesn’t have atmospheric music, but does have lots of great Christian multimedia you could use to show yr children:

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