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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

branding lessons... keep faith on the brave old brand

              The Brave New Brand World

John Hegarty the creative guru behind some of the most iconic ads of the last 30 years with Audi, British airways or google.
When questioned about powerful brands, he had an extremely interesting answer, one that many would raise an eyebrow over however - when you stop and think...... actually he is right.
 It wasn't Coca Cola, Nike, Apple but...
  • A brand that has potentially the most iconic logo - .....
  • A brand that has and has had the most incredible architects - for instance......
  • A brand that has and has had the most iconic designers/artists - for instance .....
  • A brand that went global - ......
  • A brand that has and has had some amazing composers - for instance Bach
  • A brand that has published its main work countless times - billions
  • This powerful brand is .... really universal!

Jeez YOU GOT IT:  by gosh, keep fingers CROSSed... 

Anvar Alikhan   made a tongue-in-cheek presentation on how the best “brand” ever was built, by using a brilliant combination of:
market segmentation, symbols and music, 
“store design”, “brand rituals”, “sponsorships” and a deeply motivated “sales force”
In a discussion on the world’s greatest brand Hegarty says it is none of these but instead the Catholic Church, καθολικὴ ἐκκλησία, which he calls “the world’s first truly global brand”.

A little over 2,000 years ago, 12 poor men from a back-water town in the Roman Empire founded what was to become the largest, richest, and most influential organization in human history. 

Lesson 7: Maintain the Mystery
Many successful companies have used secrets to propel their brands. From McDonald's secret sauce to the Colonel Sander's secret recipe, keeping something behind the curtain can help generate interest and buzz in a brand. 

Lesson 6: Appeal to Accepted Traditions and Tastes
Lesson 5: Engage All the Senses
Lesson 4: Create a New Category
Lesson 3: Provide Consistent Service
Lesson 2: Promote a Consistent Message
Lesson 1: Protect Your Intellectual Property

Does the Catholic Church Need a Brand Manager? 
by Shannen Zarate   November 11, 2002 
Brand Manager Position: Available Immediately
Would you like to work for the largest and most influential nongovernmental agency outside the US?
We are seeking an ambitious and experienced brand manager to help address market challenges such as lack of relevance and differentiation for a US$ 7 billion brand.
If interested, please send a resume to The Vatican, Rome.
What? The Vatican doesn't have a brand manager, right? Well perhaps they should. All great brands have brand managers and the Catholic Church is a great brand. A great brand that is suffering considerably because it has gone unmanaged for far too long. The Catholic Church is currently struggling with many of the same challenges that brand-focused companies like Cadillac, and Dean Foods struggle with regularly. Things like shrinking market share due to a lack of differentiation and failure to maintain relevance with its core customers.
One of the biggest challenges that the Catholic Church is facing right now is the lack of a differentiating benefit from its competitive set. In the simplest terms, the core benefit of Catholicism is salvation.

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