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Friday, February 12, 2016

uncanny X-men meet a life crisis

Is there anything worse than 
that slow, sinking feeling 
like you're getting sick? 

  • You can't get warm. 
  • Your bones hurt. 
  • Your throat closes, and 
  • your chest gets too heavy every time you breathe, and then 
  • you know you're doomed. 
So what if it happened to all the X-Men, all at once? The Sublime are back, and they've unleashed a contagion on Utopia.

To what end? Why now? And what's next? 

Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN #530-534

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1 )  As for Quarantine, it was very entertaining! I loved how everyone was having trouble with their powers. It was a nice change of pace. The 'mutant flu' was power dampening, and then those not affected were having issues in other ways and it just really pulled me in. I only wish it would have focused more on the effects of the mutant flu on Utopia. ... it was a shame it didn't focus more on that stuff, but the plot was still very enjoyable! The artwork was beautiful!
 This book had a lot going on, but it all tied together well and I'd definitely read it again!

2 )  X-men have moved to an island off the coast of San Francisco dubbed Utopia in order to protect mutantkind from hatred and persecution. Everything was going hunky-dory until an extremely virulent flu starts to sweep through the mutant community. This flu is designed to only target mutants, and in its worst stages it completely negates the powers of its host. Soon, all of Utopia is infected and X-men initiate a quarantine to prevent the disease from spreading.

While Logan is sick and in quarantine, The Collective Man, a cold-war era supervillain from China starts to encroach on his territory. While the X-men are enfeebled and quarantined, Lobe, the CEO of the Sublime Corporation, uses an aerosal drug manufactured from information taken from the X-mens genetic material to temporarily empower a group of ordinary humans with the X-mens power. 
Lobe contacts the X-men, offering a cure to their flu epidemic in exchange for the legal authority to market their genetic profile in drug form.How can Wolverine defend the people of Chinatown while powerless and confined to Utopia? Great writing from Matt Fraction keeps you on the edge of your seat. Recommended! 
3 ) The Quarantine wasn't really the focus or the deadly threat. It was kind of a reason to give a motley crew of X-men, that are out of the quarantine, a time to shine. Angel, Pixie, Storm, Dazzler and Northstar take on 5 teenage x-fans that have used a drug to develop the powers of the 5 original x-men. All part of a plan by Lobe of the Sublime corporation. (oh yea, and a brief battle with the collective man)
Great art, great writing. A fun read.

TASK. READ the story of this comicbook.
Underline all the expression related to our topic: HEALTH ISSUES

#530   Quarantine   ----------------------   pages 7-8 Victor  Anole --GREEN BOY
Victor tells Kavita that he tried crashing but couldn’t get warm, which is when the coughing started, and he couldn’t stop - he began coughing up blood, and that is when he knew the over-the-counter drugs were not going to help him.
‘Doctor…do you know what’s going on?’ Victor asks. Kavita checks Anole’s tongue and tells him that it is hard to say. ‘On a micro level…you’ve got the flu and what’s I’d guess is pneumonia. And on the macro…’ she adds, while Dr Cecilia Reyes tells Scott “Cyclops” Summers” that on the macro level this looks like the early stages of an influence pandemic, and explains that preliminary tests are positive that it is the HX-N1 strain that was encountered in the Sublimecorps headquarters by Wolverine. Scott exclaims that an outbreak here could be a disaster and declares that if mutant-to-human transmission is an issue, they need to seal the island. ‘Utopia is now under quarantine until we can figure out what the hell is going on!’ Scott orders.   6.jpg

#530   Quarantine  _ set 2___ p13  ANNOUNCEMENT  -WARREN---ANGEL

At that moment, inside a large auditorium at Worthington Industries HQ at San Francisco, Kate Kildare, the X-Men’s new public relations manager, stands with Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Angel on the stage, while the media get ready in front of them. Kate announces that they want to address the world as to what has been happening on Utopia these last 24 hours. Kate explains that they are seeing what they believe is the early stage of a pandemic outbreak, and that recently a squad of X-Men encountered a contagion known as HX-N1, and they have reason to believe that this is the genetically altered influenza virus causing the outbreak.

Warren takes the microphone and explains that aside from the three medical professionals already on the island, the CDC has been dispatched and should be arriving within the hour, while an island-wide quarantine has been in effect since yesterday morning, and no fatalities have yet been reported. Warren assures the media that no new cases of flu above what is to normally be expected have been spotted on the mainland, but that said, they have contacted all hospitals in the area to be advised and on alert. Kate tells the media that they now know about as much as the X-Men do, and opens the floor to any questions.
‘Are the X-Men prepared to say that mutants are making real people sick?’ one reporter asks.

== _______   #530   Quarantine   --------  SET3.- page 14 ----CYCLOPS
Back on Utopia, ‘This is not looking great’ Kavita Rao tells Cyclops as men in quarantine outfits move about the mutants in the sick bay. Kavita adds that with so many people living and working in such close quarters, this kind of velocity is to be expected in an outbreak. She tells Cyclops that they are still waiting for the X-Club’s full work-up on the strain, but what they know so far is the best possible news - that 72 hours into the outbreak they have zero cases of human contamination on the island. ‘That is the beginning and the end of the good news’ she adds. Kavita explains that on top of typical sever flu symptoms, the most concerning effects of infection seem to be power dampening.
Kavita explains to Cyclops that mutants with full body physiognomies are having profound breathing difficulties, and that those with extra-biological powers and abilities are having trouble making them work. She reveals that Iceman cannot even chill a glass of water. ‘He’s not the worst of the “big guns” though’ Kavita announces. ‘No? Who is?’ Scott asks, before he sees that Wolverine is in the quarantine, with a blanket around him, and hooked up to a machine to help him breathe!

=== _______   #531   Quarantine   --------  SET4.- pages  5-6 ----Worsening moments
Scott and Kavita make their way down a corridor to another part of the med-lab, ‘Why am I not surprised that Namor’s the worst patient?’ Scott asks. Kavita replies that he isn’t, unfortunately. ‘Neither in sickness nor temperament’ she remarks, telling Cyclops that the HX-N1 symptoms are heightening, and that the breathing difficulties that full-body physiognomies were suffering earlier would not be better described as plain asphyxiation. Inside the other part of the med-lab, Hope Summers is accompanied by Idie Okonkwo and approaches Laurie Tromette, asking her how she is holding up. With a breathing mask over her face, the blue-skinned mutant replies that she knows being a mutant is not a disease, that she has memorized all those leaflets Emma Frost gave them, but so far her experience of the X-Men can best be characterized as “phlegmy”.
Idie tells Laurie to be brave, and remarks ‘When the sickness was upon my sister, she didn’t complain nearly so much. She was far sicker than you’. ’But she was okay?’ Laurie asks. ‘No, she passed. But that is not the point’ Idie replies. Kavita explains to Scott that what is worse is that the virus is development is accelerating from infection to symptoms is scarily fast. ‘The blue girl wasn’t displaying anything until two hours ago’ Kavita adds. Scott asks if this is why he feels like he is twelve hours into a 24-hour flu. ‘Exactly. Forget “natural” it’s the sort of scary fast that doesn’t even seem biological’ Kavita points out.
‘Please give this pill a sugar coating, Rao’ Scott remarks, to which Kavita points out that it has not crossed from homo superior to homo sapiens, so she is fine, except for being arm-deep in mucus. ‘Great. Anything else you’ve got to show me?’ Scott asks as they enter another room. ‘Sure. The worst patient’ Rao replies .......................

 #531   Quarantine   ----  SET5.- pages  7-8 ----Wolverine
...................... as they observe Wolverine a.k.a. Logan, lying motionless in a bed, hooked up to all sorts of monitors. Rao explains that Logan has been hit twice over, that the asphyxiation, all the body physiognomy-mutants are experience, plus blood poisoning. ‘Blood poisoning?’ Scott asks. ‘Adamantium was never meant to be put inside people. No healing factor…’ Kavita begins. ‘…no Wolverine’ Scott realizes, before asking Kavita if there is anything she can do.
Kavita replies that they are doing all the kinds of anything they could thing up, adding that Magneto swept the blood clean a few times, but now he too is showing virus symptoms and his fine control has gone. She adds that Madison Jeffries merged a dialysis machine with - ‘And I quote - “a big dirty electromagnet” which does a similar job’. Kavita explains that it will buy Logan more time, as long as he stays connected, but the problem is, he is Wolverine. 

Kavita and Scott rush towards Logan as he convulses and sits upwards in bed, tearing his wires from him. ‘Logan! Stand down!’ Scott calls out, but Wolverine tells Scott that he can’t stay, that he needs to get to Chinatown, as they need him.
Cyclops asks what the situation in Chinatown is, to which Kavita explains that Logan received a call earlier and has been acting like this ever since. ‘Mood swings and psychosis are symptomatic of adamantium poisoning’ Kavita explains. Scott throws his hands into the air and reminds Logan that he is infectious and asks him if he wants to risk someone dying because of him being there. Logan has trouble unsheathing his powerful claws   ........

  • __________MARVELDOM datase

" India, England, America. A passion for knowledge, a talent for hypothesis, and the youthful certainty that she'd change the world. "   
- Dr Kavita Rao

  • HX-N1 is a synthetically engineered influenza virus designed as a form of mutagenic biological warfare. The virus was tailor-made to affect at least a large group of mutants  across the globe. This super-strain possessed a power-dampening effect that robbed a mutant of their extranormal abilities, and caused severe complications for those with a complete mutant physiology.
  • The virus came about as part of a defense mechanism in an ongoing effort to replicate mutant powers. Unforunately the HX-N1 was released into the atmosphere. Fantomex managed to acquire a sample of the virus and ran it through the computer systems. Afterward, he gave the samples to the X-Men for further study. 

Dr Kavita Rao.
The first X-Man to be affected was Anole but quickly almost all mutants on Utopia were infected, and a quarantine was proceeded. 
  • Luckily, The non-transmission of the virus to humans was proved by Dr Kavita Rao, a Calcuta-born scientist who began her career  in India and traveled to the West in the pursuit of advanced degrees in genetics, and having obtained with the end of his studies PhDs/Doctorates in biochemistry and mutant genetics. Eventually became a world-renowned geneticist.

____________________Where we stand.  
Lee, ..... Bruce or Stan? 
... ('NUFF SAID!!)

"Classics in class"
  • The original The X-Men (Vol. 1). (September 1963). They are among the most recognizable and successful intellectual properties of Marvel Comics.
  • Beginning with issue #114 the descriptive "Uncanny" was added to the cover treatment but it wasn't until issue #142 that the volume's official name was permanently changed to Uncanny X-Men.
  • Granted there are always 35 X-Men titles running

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