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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Punishment 2.0 - by La Cochi

A new community-

our two videos show the gap between them and us....
       natives and migrants in a digital age

2. Can you keep up with them? 
Hear from the Digitals in their own words here  and 
check out Huawei mini-site devoted to the many faces of their revolution

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Conchifacts ___

1) I confess that I got into twitter looking for some anonymity.  I couldn't stand Facebook anymore. My status updates were talked about at the bar, rather than my wall.
So the whole town knew my business. Even PEPE!
I told MariTrini, one day she came over for coffee at Katinga bar. Since she is quite savvy about those things, she gave me a solution
- "Conchi, you belong in Twitter"
2) And that's how i became a 140-character lady.
This twitter thing is like life itself. Telling everyone what your neighbour said: retweeting.... Talking about someone behind their back ..... sending a DM ....  Dividing people in groups .... make lists.
3) In this blue bird, and the full whale business.... Those who are worth it, are worth it indeed,  those that aren't ... off to Facebook, ain't it?
Some days, before watching the 3 o'clock news, I know everything thanks to my timeline. 
4) Pepe gets astonished!
- "but Conchi, my dear, you understand what this Wikikeaks is about?"
- "Well , understand, what's said understand, i don't, but since it's a trending topic,... it's almost as if I did." 
5) And since we started with confessions, I am going to say what no one dares to say out aloud:
Pro-twitters don't care about how many followers we have. We care about how many lists we're in: Gurus / Essentials // Cool People
Even me  got a Front Page Tweet. Me! From tabladillo! 
6) And talking about gurus... It's ok they travel a lot... being so cool, .. and just talk amongst themselves. 'cos we all know that gurus won't talk to everyone.
But , uffs, i am not anyone, I AM "La-Conchi". 
7) Next one that doesn't reply to me.. I'll do an #UnFollowFriday
And that's not a mistake. I just made it up myself: number sign and  a new hashtag! Punishment 2.0 made in " La-Conchi". I am going to patent it!

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