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Thursday, May 10, 2018

WR - essay on RACE relations and cultural relativity

Have a go at a couple of racing up writing tasks:

WRITING task_101-Essay 
WRITING task_102-Summary 

1) WRITING  task_101-ESSAY (275 words) on the topic:

  Distorted perceptions? they are racist, neither are us.

What has caused that large divergence in attitudes? How can certain portrayals of black people be blatant racism in one country and totally matter-of-fact in another?  

Can we still play with semantics and words as in Marx quote: "Include me out!", Groucho of course ?

Taking the topic with a stern face, think of Media, TV series, woman in power, confronting power, etc in your country.  Include these:

  •  a question for the reader, 
  • a couple of examples, 
  • a quotation and 
  • a powerful ending. 

info 1. Have you heard about this picture on the right (piece of news ,CNN )

Upon visiting a corner store in Malaga we were shocked to discover a Sambo statue at the check out section. After further research these videos and screen shots show that this company has been spreading racial hatred towards African people since 1961. Lets End Racism. Many friends of ours cry when they see images like these while thousands if not millions of people see this propaganda as harmless.

info 3. 

Read the entry from a mag article:
a) the publicity for the theatre show Cómeme el coco, negro festooned the streets of the city, the sides of buses and walls of metro stations, portraying a cartoonish black face with a wide-mouthed grin and large white lips. The show, by Catalan company La Cubana, was a revival of a production they put on when they formed over 25 years ago. “It would be a lie to say that Spain isn’t racist, but it’s not this,” the director of the Cubana company said,  “The problem isn’t with us, it’s with you.” 
b) Ana Arango, an anthropologist from Colombia who has lived in Barcelona for three years,  wrote in her blog in November 2007  " the image is a characterisation that ridicules the African aesthetic, done by a company that isn’t African."


Did you know....
In the 1940-45 battle for homeland morale, American propaganda makers depicted Germany in a very different light than Japan -link: 
  • Germany was seen as a great nation gone mad. The Nazis might have been evil but there was still room for the “Good German.” 
  •  Japan, on the other hand, was depicted entirely as a brutal monolith .....   ...  ... US propagandists was to liken the Japanese to animals like snakes and rats.


Summarise the article below. (175 words)

For a modern update about 1940 at war... LINK

   ...  US propagandists was to liken the Japanese to animals like snakes and rats.

A Critical Comparison Between Japanese and American 
Propaganda during World War II. 

 Anthony V. Navarro 

    The affects of propaganda, however, last well after treaties are signed and the dusts of war settle. Japan, though defeated, still held inside the same hatred for the United States it had before the war if not more so.  They played the role of defeated foe, smiling to appease their victors on the outside but contemptuous and demoralized on the inside. The United States still often referred to the Japanese as “Japs” or other racially derogatory names.  The words and images left to us by propaganda remain in a nation's collective memory.  They are vestiges of war-time.  However good or bad, those memories linger in culture.  The elements of war are not left on the battle field to wither away with those who perished.  Hate, anger, and contempt are brought home so that “war” becomes no longer a job but a way of life. 

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