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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

barça makes the headlines

Barcelona – Sheer Class

Barça was quite a team, yesterday, weren't they?
What a team have we got this season! 
It is such great fun to pay for GOL TV.
such a creative team played so good
            that they won all the matches, 
We could say ... they performed so well, that is, superb!  

the other team, Real Madrid, was a pale, ghost oponent
and that day their mind was a blank one.

     (to read a poem on a special day... read this)

Tuesday November 30, 2010 at 11:46am
There is an irritating tendency for football to be over-lavished, the hyperbole’s and praise heaped upon players and teams often unnecessary and misguided, but the events which unfolded in the Camp Nou last night were a rare exception.

  headlines language: 
sheer = absolute maul=hurt     rout= defeat, 

Barça still have edge on Real

Madrid And Barca Do Not Have A Gulf In Class

Mou admits Barça's thrashing of RM was fair

Barça hand Mou’s Madrid a Real Clasico mauling

Brilliant Barça maul Madrid

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